XB4BD912R10K Potentiometer Schneider Electric – Chromium Metal, Knurled knob, with white, 10K

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XB4BD912R10K – Complete potentiometer, Harmony XB4, metal, 22mm, 10000 Ohm

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  • This Harmony XB4 potentiometer has a resistance of 10kΩ. It has a metal bezel.
  • This potentiometer provides an external interface for controlling key parameters of automation components like drives and inverters.
  • It is easily installed into standard 22mm diameter cut-outs and connected with simple screw-clamp connections.
  • It is impact resistant, dust resistant, water resistant and vibration resistant thanks to its IP66 IP69 IP69K, making it ideal for operation in harsh environments.
  • It is ideal for analog control (like speed control of motor) via the voltage or resistor input of variable speed drives.
  • Quick and easy assembly and disassembly
  • Robustness to withstand harsh environments
  • Various types of connection: screw clamp, connector, Faston connector or spring terminal
  • Excellent mechanical connection with operator head
  • A wide choice of contact blocks for general purposes or specific applications (low current, standard)
  • Environmental performance of the product

Schneider Electric

Mounting Diameter

22 mm

Ohmic Value (Ω)


Operator Profile

Knurled knob, with white

Bezel Material

Chromium Metal

Shape Head



Screw Clamp


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